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Madam Butterscotch Book 3 Kickstarter

Hello my lovelies

First off, apologies for delaying a page last week, my life has been a roller-coaster at the moment but I'm getting there.
So for this week, tonight Page 7 will be uploaded and tomorrow, Page 8 will be uploaded, I promise - I'm also back on early work shifts so uploading will be easier.

Next, the Kickstarter!!
Yes some of you will have heard rumours and rumblings about a Kickstarter for Butterscotch. Well its true. One of the reasons why I have been so busy lately is because I have been working on this KS campaign for Book 3.
I will be posting more details on this in the coming days as there's a lot to get through and tell you about. I'm really excited, its my first Kickstarter but I hope to deliver some awesome rewards for you guys :D

bye for now xx

posted by Madam Butterscotch @ January 22nd, 2015, 3:59 am  -  0 Comments

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