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Hello Everyone

Updating to say Weekly updates will be resuming Sunday June 5th!!
That is Book 4 updates will start. The rest of Book 3 will be going up onto the sight in the next week or so.

What does this mean for the Book 4 Kickstarter?
Sadly it means it will not be happening in June like I wanted. It does however give me more time to make it freaking awesome!!
The kickstarter will likely run now either August/September for a November release.

Thank you all for being so patient with me.
My full time work is running my life at the mo so any comic work has been near none existent. BUT Book 4 has been drafted and thumbnailed so now its just a case of getting those pages done :)

ta for now xx

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posted by Madam Butterscotch @ May 20th, 2016, 4:44 am  -  0 Comments

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